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Command line tricks #1

Capture a single key press in a (bourne shell) script A friend of mine pointed out that I overdid it by capturing a key press using dd[1] so I found this solution instead: read -sn 1 -p “Press the any … Continue reading

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Green computing

I just decided to measure the power consumption of two laptops. One 18.4″ monster from Sony and one 10″ Eee PC. Just the power adapter plugged in, no computer attached: Sony: 4W EeePC: 6W Computer booted up. Idle, no disk … Continue reading

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Photo #1

The entrance to my kids pre-school.

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Home network

This is a simplified picture of my home network. First I have a laptop with two virtual machines installed. One holds all certificates and digital ID’s needed for everything concerning banks, insurance companies and tax declarations. The other one handles … Continue reading

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VMware Server 2.x to VirtualBox 3.x.x

I got interested in converting my virtual machines from VMware to VirtualBox. At first I thought the process would involve qemu and vditools and such, but it was much simpler than that! My virtual machines typically has two hard disks, … Continue reading

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