NEX-5N and Konica Hexanon 40mm/1.8

After buying my NEX-5N, I started thinking about using it with cheap lenses from other systems. I had a Konica AR system with two lenses so I ordered an AR to NEX adapter from eBay. The picture below shows the NEX-5N with the adapter and a Konica Hexanon 40mm/1.8 attached to it.

The picture was taken with a Samsung Galaxy II / Camerazoom

The result is a combination of exactly the same size as the 18-55mm kit lens. Why trade a good kit lens with AF, zoom and image stabilization for a lens from 1979 with an aperture ring and a rubber lens hood? It’s actually great fun!

The image quality is superb. The lens is very sharp and has good contrast from f/2.8 and up. Using the aperture ring and manual focus slows down the picture taking quite a bit, but that also makes it more fun and not so hasty. I actually enjoy the extra time it takes!

I’ll keep using the kit lens for faster shooting as family photos and holiday snap shots, but this is a really good addition to the camera bag.

camera settings

Release w/o Lens: Enable
(makes the camera work even though it doesn’t recognize a lens)

Setup -> Peaking Level: High
Setup -> Peaking Color: Red
(Let the display mark high contrast areas (often “what’s in focus”) in red)

Setup -> MF Assist: On
Setup -> MF Assist Time: No Limit
(use screen magnification for easy manual focusing)

To make the camera easier to use in general, I also configured the buttons like this:
Right Key Setting: ISO
Soft Key B Setting: MF Assist
Soft Key C Setting: Custom (AF/AM select, White Balance, DRO/Auto HDR)

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